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I Love My Ordinary Life… Not My Hair-On-Fire, Crazy Life!

We all have them, the oh-so-perfect days that we consider (or wish to consider) as just another ordinary day in our life… and then there are those help-everything-is-crazy days that interrupt our Zen and threaten to take the place of the ordinary day we truly want to have. What does your ordinary day look like?

The Ordinary Life Day I had one of those ordinary life days recently. I know you’ve had them too, the one where you wake when you want to, enjoy your favorite cup of tea or coffee, leisurely run errands and do the other chores that need to be done, and all are done at your own pace and in your own timeframe. Everything important is accomplished, and you have energy to spare. Your breathing is measured and even, your thoughts are calm and your imagination is leading you down a creative path for future projects. Nice!

The Hair-On-Fire, Crazy Day Then yesterday, I had one of those hair-on-fire, crazy days where even the smallest task seemed like a huge effort and everything had to be done right now. The dinner was dull, the cookies didn’t rise, the car was out of gasoline and the “Check Tire” light suddenly came on. I felt like I was running on Skittles and Red Bull, my heart was pounding, a headache was developing and the irritation level was going up, up, up. By the time the early evening rolled around I was exhausted and grumpy and then I realized I forgot to do the one really important thing I need to do every day: be grateful that I have this day at all.

The Blessing of Every Day Maybe it’s because the (official) day of Thanksgiving is right around the corner, or maybe because this lovely, short-lived wonder of Fall in Colorado is happening now, I’m choosing to focus on the peace and beauty of my ordinary life, and accept that sometimes there will be those hair-on-fire, crazy life days too, and regard them as just a reminder, a gentle nudge to stop and smell the roses (or roasting turkey), take a walk outside and crunch some leaves, and be grateful - no matter what kind of day today is.

If today you are having your version of the hair-on-fire, crazy life day, and not your version of the ordinary life day, then contact me for a free consultation and learn easy, healthy and holistic ways to have, and keep, the gratitude of your best ordinary life day.

© Beth Schroeder, certified practitioner and owner of Living Well Center for Health


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