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Corporate Services and Events

Living Well Center for Health partners with businesses and organizations to provide on-site services and events. Our

convenient programs:


  • Show appreciation for employees

  • Refresh employees for greater productivity

  • Align perfectly with your corporate wellness objectives

  • Are especially beneficial for Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss

  • Are a cost effective way to reduce stress and promote health

  • Require minimal setup

Contact us or call Beth at 720.530.5756 to bring Biofeedback, Reflexology and/or Auricular Therapy to your organization.

“Before a national Tae Kwon Do competition, I had problems with my ankles and my shins. After Reflexology with Beth, the swelling went down and my shins were totally clear. I’m convinced Reflexology gives me an edge in competition.”


~ Lisa T., 2nd Degree Black Belt and AAU Tae Kwon Do National Gold Medalist

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